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Joyce Eastwood Freitas Family Album

My New Life - Bob and Joyce Freitas

Family History
Joyce Photo's - Early Years
Joyce's Family Photo Page
Joyce's Children's Page 1
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Joyce's Grandchildren's Page
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Joyce's Present Family
My New Life - Bob and Joyce Freitas
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     On 2/12/99 I met the most marvelous man. He was sweet and gentle and kind. For the first time in many years I felt loved and cared for as every woman should.
     We realized from the start that we had so much in common and had been through many similiar losses and trials in our lives.
     Their is now a strong bond between us that is beyond any relationship I could ever even dream about.
      Finally I have met my soul mate:
Mr. Robert Daniel Freitas, Take a bow.

Bob - My Special Guy


Hard at work


Saundra & Debbie
Two More Daughters were also gained

Felicia & Kevin
Two More Precious Grandchildren

Our Pride and joy

Felicia Daughraty- Age 12

A Lovable Little Guy

Kevin Goodwin- Age 5

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Joyce & Bob
We Flew To Arizona & So I could Meet Them


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