Joe Chretien Jr's Page

In Memory of my Son, Joey Chretien Jr.

Joey - Age 25 years

Joseph Chretien Jr.

On 6/20/94 at the age of 25 my beloved son, Joey, lost his battle against drugs. Through these pages I hope to help you get to know him and just how special he was to me, his mother, and to all his family. He is and always will be missed.
                    "Together Forever In Our Hearts"

Author Unknown
The mention of his name,
May bring tears to my eyes,
But it never fails to bring
Music to my ears.
If you are really my friend,
Let me hear
the beautiful music of his name,
It soothes my broken heart
and sings to my soul.

Joey - age 21 years

 Dear Joe,
          It's hard to believe it's been a year.
 We miss your face and your voice so dear.
          You loved life, and it always showed,
 You enjoyed your neice and
          Nephew as you watched them grow.
 And Joe as a brother you were always there,
          To give us praise and to wipe away a tear.
 You always had a kind heart for all.
          Bob, Tiffany,Your brother and sisters
 But most of all,-
          Mom, You were the love of her life
 For twenty five years,
          Misses you so, her heart's  in tears.
 But it's you who helps us to live on.
          You enriched our lives and made us strong.
 We miss you always and love you so.
          Our memories of you Joe will continue
 to grow.
 You'll always be the wind beneath our wings.
              "God Bless You, Joe."
         1st  Anniversary Remembrance

Joey - age 2 years

  What's Going On?
  That is what you used to say, Joe,
  But now we're asking you.
  What's it like where you are?
  Tell us what you do.
  Can you use your hockey skates?
  Can you play upon your guitar?
  Do you have friends to lift with
  In that place to where you are?
  Do you miss your friends and family
  As much as we miss you?
  Are you watching over us, Joe,
  As we often feel you do?
  Are you and Mac together now,
  Jamming and having fun?
  My precious grandson and
  My handsome and loving son.
  "Together forever in our hearts."
  "God Bless You, Joe."
  2nd Anniversary Remembrance

       For Joey                                                                             
I mourn the loss of my baby brother
whom I will never see again
I mourn the loss of my baby's uncle
whom she will never get to see
I mourn that I will never see you hold her small sweet body
I mourn that you will never hear her giggle
I mourn that she will never feel your strong arms hold her
or feel your nervous embrace
I mourn that I will never see your excited expression
as you tell us of your expected child
I mourn the sight of you holding your first born
with the tear of joy rolling down your cheek
I mourn that we will never hear
you complaining of those sleepless nights
I mourn that we will never see
you loving this dream child so deeply
I mourn those lost piggy backs
that the children will never know
I mourn the tender moments
that hold a family together
for when we lose a loved one so young
we mourn not only what was lost
but what could have been
                              Joey's "Big Sister" Rose

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Joey - age 4 years with sister Lisa age 3 1/2

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